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I’m still getting offers for sponsored articles. And again, I want to repeat, that currently I’m the only author on this blog, and it will stay that way for now. And especially I will not post articles that have nothing to do with me or photography. I’ve been working on the blog for almost 10 years now, and will not let it go down with random stuff.

Btw. I’m still being refereed to as “HDRshooter team”. Is it really so hard to see that there is only one person behind the site?

Summer night in Barca de Alva

It has been so hot recently, that I’m completely not in the mood to even go out. Only when I really need to. Good thing that I have years of photos I can go back to and edit, to keep the blog going :).

And since it’s so hot, here is a photo from an even hotter day in Portugal, last summer. The whole week then was over 44 degrees Celsius, and even so late in the evening was still over 30. But I really liked how the reflection of the bridge looked like, so I had to go out and get some shots.

This is in the little town Barca de Alva in Portugal, right at the border with Spain. The lights on the bridge are really bright, and even with taking 5 exposures, going down as low as -4 EV, the light were still overexposed. But it’s not that bad, a bit more realistic this way :)

This is a two shot vertorama, each shot from 5 exposures. Combined in PTgui into a panorama, then in Oloneo Photoengine into a base HDR. Then I used Photoshop to blend original exposures into it.

Summer night in Barca de Alva, Portugal
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