HDR panoramas

While combining single exposures to panoramas in Lightroom is very easy, it does not work with multiexposure ones. There is just no setting in Lightroom to tell it to blend all in the same way. But programs like PTgui and Autopano can do it, and you can see my guide for PTgui here, and Autompano here.

City center enter of Astana

And back to Astana :) This is a view from quite high up of the center park of Astana. There are actually quite a few parks around the center, which makes the city look really nice. I took a lot of panoramas of this view, but I wanted also one done verticaly.

And this is the one. If you look closely, the part of a roof you can see in the bottom left, is a lower part of the building I was standing on. Actually I wanted a shot where you could see the walls of the building, but it just too distorted in the end, so I let it be. Btw. the cloudy sky is from it raining just minutes before I took this photo.

This is a three shot vertorama, each shot from three exposures. Combined in PTgui, blended in Photoshop.

City center enter of Astana, Kazakhstan
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