Shortcut changes in Photoshop

I really wonder why they did it. After years and years they changed how some shortcuts work in Photoshop. For instance the undo shortcut now works completely opposite to how it worked before. Will this help anyone who already uses Photoshop for years? No. Will it help anyone who just started using it? No. They just confuse people needlessly. Good work Adobe.

And yes, I know you can switch back. But that does not solve a confusion where two people can uses the same commands with different shortcuts.

Passing clouds over Astana

Due to the weather I did not have time to take that many long exposure shots while in Astana. You just can’t use a filter when it rains. But the last day I had a bit of time and went to a great spot in the city center. Since the passing clouds moved quite quickly, it was a perfect time to do some long exposure shots.

For this one I used the 10 stop Formatt-Hittech firecrest filter, on a NISI filter holder, on the 12mm Laowa lens. Still, to get a long enough exposure, I needed to get down to ISO 50. I ended up using 60 seconds here.

The final photo is done from 2 exposures, one at 60s with the filter and one at 4s. Edited in Lightroom, blended together in Photoshop.

Passing clouds over Astana, Kazakhstan
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