I don’t really like to do composites when I do photos. I edit a lot of things, but usually don’t use parts of other photos (not taken at the same location around the same time) to enhance the one I’m editing. That does not mean I never do it, but I like to specify in the description that it’s a composite. I just don’t like to give a fake impression, that somebody else can go to the place and get a photo like that directly.

So even today, as I will share with you a composite version of today’s photo, please know that it’s a composite and there was no time when I took these fireworks over Prague.

The whole length of the Charles Bridge

I took this panorama quite a while ago. But as with many other photos I never edited it until now. My photo library is huge and I like to randomly look through it and select older photos to edit. Of course this I do mostly when I don’t have that many new photos to edit. Also, since ones editing skills tend to improve over time, I think I can now edit photo I would not dare to do few years ago.

So this photo is a 2 tile panorama, each tile from 6 exposures. I did so many exposures, as some of the lights around the Prague castle are really bright. In the end I used every single on in the final editing. I combined the shots together in PTgui and then blended them in Photoshop.

The whole length of the Charles Bridge

And here are few details:

The whole length of the Charles Bridge

And as I mentioned, here is a composite image based on this Prague panorama. I did extent the top and bottom parts a lot, and then blended in 4 different fireworks photos. It does create quite a different photo, doesn’t it?

The whole length of the Charles Bridge
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