Afternoon clouds over Manarola

Let’s go back to Manarola in Cinque Terre, Italy with today’s photo. This is the most typical view of Manarola that everyone takes. And no surprise there. I was in the town only for one sunset, so I also just managed this spot. To back I did not have more time to try few more. Maybe next time.

Actually if you ever want to capture a sunset from this spot, go there early. I got there around 1 hour before sunset, and I almost did not find a spot. It was so full with photographers. And even more came after me. But you know, if you are nice, there will always be a spot for another tripod :)

This is a two shot panorama, each shot from three exposures, blended in Photoshop.

Afternoon clouds over Manarola

And here are few details:

Afternoon clouds over Manarola
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