New tripod

During my trip to Hallstatt last month, my tripod broke. One of the leg locks on longer work. And since it a horrible tripod anyway (I bought it just as a temporary solution and never got to replace it) I’m not even thinking of trying to repair it. So I ordered a new one, trying a Chinese brand this time, the Innorel RT85C to be exact. It’s quite a cheap tripod but the specification and all the reviews I could find look good.

It should arrive later this week or early next, so I will do a first impression article and probably also a review later one. I’m really curious about it.

Hot summer day in the Dubai Marina

What better photo to share while we still have winter (more or less depending where you are) than a summer photo. And this one is a panorama from a very sunny a hot day in the Dubai Marina.

This is a two shot panorama each shot blended from three exposures. Normally I would not even take a photo at a time like that. It was just too bright and the sun created a shadow over half of the marina. That did not really help when editing. I tried to edit this photo maybe 5 times before, but never got to a result I liked. Until now that is.

Hot summer day in the Dubai Marina

And here are few details, the huge yacht just looks crazy :)

Hot summer day in the Dubai Marina
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