Late night Dubai Marina

I posted quite a lot of new photos of landscapes in a row, so it’s time for a cityscape shot. This one is one of the many I still have not edited from my trip to Dubai last year. I took this one late in the night while returning to the rented apartment in one of the skyscrapers nearby.

Btw. what do you prefer to book when you travel? Hotel or something like Airbnb? I tend to go mostly for Airbnb, as in some locations the price difference is huge and having a full apartment is better for longer trips.

This photo is a blend of three exposures, done in Photoshop. This is not a panorama, but it was taken with the Laowa 12mm lens and then cropped to get rid of too much foreground.

Late night Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

And here is also a comparison to the original RAW file. As you can see, mostly here I worked on the brightness to get detail in the background. I also used parts of the brighter/darker exposures to have the moving ship in a better location and to get rid of the ghosts of moving people on the walkway.

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