Standing in the rain

It’s really nice to have a weather-sealed camera. If it rains, you can still take photos without really have to worry about it. You just can’t change lenses of course. Too bad that some of my favorite lenses are not weather sealed, especially the tilt shit ones. But I don’t know how that could have been done, without making the lens much bigger. It has to move it’s parts freely, which creates gaps. I actually really like to use the 24-70mm lens from Canon when it rains. The lens hood is so big, that it very nicely covers the front of the lens. I don’t really bother with rain covers at all. Maybe if I would shoot in the rain all the time, it would be worth it.

I used the 24-70 also here, to create a panorama. This is a 2 shot panorama, each shot blended from 4 exposures in Photoshop. This photo was taken in the midle of Nur-Sultan (Astana) in Kazakhstan.

Standing in the rain
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