Bright spot in the Business Bay

Back to Dubai with today’s photo. Most of my photos from Dubai are of the skyscrapers, but this one has a bit less of those. You can only see them a bit in the background. I found this spot in the middle of the Business Bay, and I think it was something like an exercise area. I think I remember seeing a poster for that nearby. Not completely sure anymore.

I really like how it stood out compared to the rest of the area, and how the middle was much brighter than the rest. So I also enhanced it in my editing, keeping the borders quite dark. This is also a shot done with the 12mm Laowa lens, so while I was standing really close to the palms, I still got a big part of them in the shot.

This is a blend of three exposures, done in Photoshop. I probably used the Night Light filter from NISI with this photos, but can’t really tell.

Bright spot in the Business Bay
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