Summer panorama of Zadar

I don’t really have many photos from Zadar. Zadar is a city in Croatia, which I visited with my friends last year, but as it was still in the summer, it was not really great for photos. It was great to go into the sea and relax, but not for photos. When it’s crazy hot, I’m not really in the mood to walk around with a camera bag. And the huge amount of tourists around is also not helping. But even so, I took a few photos, either early in the morning or views where you can’t really see all the people. And this one is from the second category.

This photo is the view from the Bell tower in the middle of the old town. You can walk up if you pay an entrance fee. There is not that much space and it’s usually full, but if your tripod is high enough, you can prop it against the side walls. This photo is a 3 shot panorama, each shot from 5 exposures. I did not really need all of them for most of the photo, just right in the middle, there are very bright shop lights. And getting rid of those required so many exposures.

Summer panorama from Zadar, Croatia

And since this is another big panorama, here are few details from this photo.

Summer panorama from Zadar