Clear water at Lago di Braies

I thought I post a photo I took yesterday of the lights on the top of the NBS building in Bratislava, but I don’t like the edit I did yet. I think I will have to have it standing around for a bit and try to edit it again in a few days. Sometimes when I try to edit the photo right away, I don’t get the result I want. A little distance to the time when it was taken can help.

But to post something in the meantime, here is a shot from Lago di Braies. This one was at the boat dock in the lake, taken a bit to the side. I had to wait a bit to have no one on the dock, and for the boat to stable a bit, as they were moving around. But I liked that I could see that something on the bottom of the lake, as it made for a nice leading line. So I waited.

This is a two shot vertorama, each shot blended from 3 exposures. All put together in Photoshop.

Clear water at Lago di Braies
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