State of the blog

For a while now there ware no updates here. Between the new job, moving to a new flat (which was not planned) and the ugly weather I just had no energy to work on it. But I don’t like this state, as I want the blog to continue as it always did. I just have been tired and not in the mood to spend my evenings in front of a computer after doing it the whole day.

But the weather is getting better, the sunrises and sunset look nicer, and my need to get some new photos is also bigger. So I’m not sure how and when I get back to posting, but I will one day soon.

New 4K wallpapers

And so this post is not so boring, here are some new 4K wallpapers for you. Today they are all from Manarola and Vernazza in Cinque Terre in Italy.

Don’t forget to check out other available wallpapers:

Cinque Terre wallpapers in 4K

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