I’m happy to see that the number of visitors to this blog is going up, even when I did not update that much this year. Especially the super ultra-wide wallpapers are getting the most visits every day. It has just been such a strange year. But that’s the same for everyone. Hopefully, next year is more normal than this one.

Foggy night at the Charles bridge

It has been a while since I edited a photo and this one is not really an easy one. Fog likes to create a lot of color banding in photos, and it was the same in the sky with this one. I had to add a huge amount of noise into the sky to get rid of most of it, but I feel like there is still a bit there. But I did not want to add more. If you want to know more about this, check out my guide on removing color banding here.

In this photo the Charles bridge in Prague, with a very large number of birds around it. Yes, every dot on the water is a bird, and there were even more there. Taken already in 2018, during an early spring trip there.

This is a single exposure, broken up into two and then blended back together.

Foggy night at the Charles bridge, Prague