Master Exposure Blending series now free

A while ago (actually quite a long while ago) I created and started selling a video tutorial series about HDR editing and luminosity masking. After a while, I decided to upload it whole for free, but somehow never got to doing so. But that changes today.


The series includes over 2 hours of video, covering these toppics

Master Exposure Blending1. Welcome
2. Preparing brackets in Lightroom
3. Working with layers and layer masks
4. Luminance masks explained
5. Creating luminance masks
6. Blending two exposures
7. Blending multiple exposures
8. Using Oloneo Photoengine
9. Using Photomatix Pro
10. Blending panoramic photos
11. Adding glow

I don’t go through the edit from start to finish on the provided photos, I rather focus on the blending technique of the images, which is the main subject of these videos.

Additionally, you can download all the videos and also the RAW files I’m using (28 in total), so you can try all the edits also for yourself.

Head over to the Master Exposure Blending page to get them now!

download free hdr tutorial