Already returning tomorrow from Amsterdam, and as I know myself, probably the first thing I do will be to copy the photos on my PC and start editing right away :) So if I have enough energy, and some nice stuff to edit, tomorrow you should see a first shot from Amsterdam here :)

But for today, a sunset shot from Prague.
Red sunset

The photos from Prague seem to be quite popular, so here is one of the most popular ones :)
Wider view

This one would really fit into Dubai, with all the neon lights there, but in reality this bar is in Prague, in the Boscolo hotel. And I chosen this photo for today, as there were not many interiors on the blog recently, so it was time to include one :)

This is a manual blend form 5 exposures, done in Photoshop.
Neon bar

And an interior for a change. This is the crazy staircase inside the Prague Town hall tower. There is actually an elevator running in the middle of this spiral, but I never use it. Always when I’m there, I take the stairs, so I can get some new photos :)
Don't fall down

How about one more sunset, this one taken in the center of Prague. This is actually my favorite view from there, I always get few nice shots from this spot :)

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