I don’t know what the artist was thinking about when he created these statues, but it could not be anything pleasant. They just look so disturbing (and strange :)). Maybe it’s just that they have no eyes. But still, I think they would fit perfectly into a Silent Hill movie.

This is a manual blend from 6 exposures, taken one early morning in Prague. The sun was right behind them at that time.
The stuff of nightmares

Somehow I got very busy very quickly. So looks like I have not free time in next few days, so instead of doing just a quick edit of something, I will share with your some things from the past. So what I will do I will share some of my favorite photos from few cities, so lets start with Prague.

To see my favorite photo locations in Prague, check out the Tops spots in Prague page.

Blue hour by the Charles Bridge

Alone on the Charles Bridge

This is one from my first real photo trip to Prague. I never forget that day, as it was when I permanently switched form auto focus to manual focus, and I stayed with that :) Taken in Spring 2011.
Karl's Bridge at Midnight

It’s so nice to have something repeating in a photo. It’s even better when it’s something nicer than just pillars, but if there is nothing else, they also do nicely. Here of course they also create a nice vanishing point.

This is a manual blend from 5 exposures (-3 to +1), taken at the Strahov stadium in Prague.

New blog address

Maybe some of you already notices, but from yesterday the address of this blog is no longer blog.hdrshooter.net, but a new one, www.hdrshooter.com. I planed this change for a long time, and I hope it makes the address easier to type and also easier to remember :)

Of course the old address will continue to work, it will just forward you to the new one.

In the metro

I’m still feeling sick, so another quick edit today. This time it’s a photo from Prague metro. I used a stronger noise reduction as usual on this one, as I wanted to get rid of the smaller details, to give it a more cleaner look.

This is a HDR created from 2 exposures in Oloneo Photoengine and then blended with one of the exposures in Photoshop.
In the metro

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