Raya Pro Sale

Raya Pro is currently my most used photoshop panel, that I use in all my photo blending. You could see it in a lot of my recent screenshots. And right now, Jimmy McIntyre, the author of it, is having a summer sale, where it and his video tutorials, are all 50% off in price. Really a good time to get it and I also can easily recommend the videos. The Raya Pro is currently only 22.50USD instead of the regular 44.99USD.

Check out more about it on Jimmy’s website here.

Crypt of the Saint Sava church in Belgrade

I have not posted an interior shot in a really long time, so I went back through my photo library to find one. And the one I have chosen is from the Crypt of the Saint Sava church in Belgrade in Serbia. I took this one two years ago, during a very quick stop in the city. The church on its own was closed due to reconstruction, but the crypt was still accessible.

And I even managed to get this photo with a tripod before a guard asked me to not use one. This was pure luck, as when I entered, a big group just left. So there were only a few people and nobody in my shot. Does not happen often. Funny that the only other photo I posted from Belgrade is also an interior one. But with how hot it was that day, it’s not surprising.

This is a two shot vertorama, each shot blended from three exposures. At first, I tried to darken the very bright lights on the pillars, but as it started looking very grey I decided to leave them bright. Actually, even in a -3 EV exposure, there were still very bright anyway. So this is more realistic like this now.

Crypt of the Saint Sava church in Belgrade

Sponsored posts

I keep getting requests from companies, that would like to do a post on this blog. I mean, that they already have an article, and they would pay me for just posting it. Of course the reason for this is the inclusion of links in that article, what would help the ranking of their sites in search engines.

I so wish they would stop bothering me with that. I don’t want to do that, and I’m not going to do that. It cheapens the content of the blog as it is (and the included links can sometime hurt my site instead). I don’t mind doing reviews for photo stuff, or sponsored contest, but thats about it.

A cool place for a game of pool

When you visit a palace, you don’t expect a pool table, a cinema, card table and similar. But if you visit the Royal palace in Belgrade, that’s what you will see.

Still, it’s a great looking place :)

This is a two shot vertorama, each shot from two exposure, combined in PTgui, finished in Photoshop.

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