Contrast in videos

Lucerne waves in Plotagraphy ProI noticed that when I share plotagraphs as mp4 videos, they look differently depending on where I play them.

For instance, on Instagram or in Opera browser, they have much more contrast, while in my media player or in Edge, they look as they should. I tried to look if one can embed the color profile as in images, but no luck finding a way. Any of you maybe know one? For now I started to lower the contrast a little in the source images, directly in Plotagraph Pro, but thats not really a great solution.

The Lucerne waves in a plotagraph

I just love how the motion in the waves worked out. It just a perfect spot for adding movement into the photos. What do you think?

(if you are on a mobile or use an old browser, you may only see a static image)

I was going through my photos from the Switzerland trip, and I noticed that I haven’t yet posted any photos form the day I spend in Lucerne. So for today I chosen one from there. The thing I really liked there, was this opening in the water power plant, which created really strong waves in the water. So I thought of using the ND filter, and get these nice soft waves in the shot. And it worked out really well :)

This is a HDR from 5 exposures, created in Oloneo Photoengine. I actually edited them twice, to get different brightness in them, and then blended them in Photoshop.
Waves in Lucerne

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