It’s so great when I can add a new country or new cities to the categories on the blog. And since I’ve been quite busy in Switzerland, I’n now adding few of them at once. So today, I have for you a photo from Basel. Exactly it’s the Munster cathedral, as viewed from under the Wettstein bridge. This is actually one of my favorite compositions, where I try to frame a landmark with a near by bridge. I really like it this way :)

For this photo I took two separate series of shots. First normal, quite long exposures, the second at high iso, just for the boat. It was just moving too much in the water, and I don’t like having it blurred in the final photo. The result was create by combining a HDR from 4 exposures created with Oloneo Photoengine with the original exposures in Photoshop.
A different view of Munster

Behind the camera at MatterhornIt’s a little bit strange to edit landscape shots, after so many cityscape shots in a row. They are so different. It’s so easy to get them to look very unnatural, just by adding a little bit more color. But since I took a lot of them last week, I at least will have a lot to practice on :)

This one, same as the one yesterday, was taken at the Schwarzee, above Zermatt. This time you can see the other side, towards the Matterhorn mountain. This is a blend from two exposures, created in Photoshop. Since I used a polarizing filter to darken the sky, I only needed to brighten few shadow areas from a brighter exposure.

I’m also including a behind the camera shot. I took many of those during the week for my Facebook page, so will include them with few of the Switzerland posts :)

Clouds climbing the Matterhorn

So today I got back home from Switzerland, but I’m so dead tired. I visited 6 cities during the last week, and slept so little the last few nights. So for today, just a quick edit of one of the photos I took at the Schwarzsee under the Materhorn, and there will be more tomorrow :)

This is a blend from three exposures (two just for focusing, with one focused on the mountains, one on the rocks in front) in Photoshop. I also used a polarizing filter for this photo.
View from the Schwarzsee

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