Great photographers – blogs and pages

There are so many great photographers out there and I’m proud that I can call many of them my friends. If you like my photos, I’m sure that you will also like theirs. A lot of them also include photography guides and tutorials on their pages so you can also learn a lot from them. I really suggest becoming their fan on Facebook, so you can enjoy their photos regularly.

All rights to photos shown here are owned by the respective photographers and are shared here either by CC license or with a permission from the photographers themselves.Btw. the order is random :)

HDR One Magazine

Before I get to the photographers, there is one other page I have to include first. The HDR One magazine. Here you can find a lot of information from a lot of photographers, guides, tutorials and similar. And its all Free :) &

Trey Ratcliff

Of course I have to start with Trey Ratcliff. The most famous and one of the best HDR photographers out there. &

Elia Locardi

So many beautiful photos from so many interesting places. Thats what you can find on Elias page. He constantly travels around the world, so every-time there is something new and interesting &

Anthony Gelot

On Anthony’s page you can find the most beautiful photos of Paris and of exotic cars.

Conor MacNeill

And on Conor’s you can find beautiful photos of London, and from his travels to Asia :) &

Nikola Totuhov

Your definitive source for beautiful HDR photos and panoramas from Santorini (and recently also from Bulgaria :) ) &


Beboy photographies are one of the best examples of manual blending I have ever seen. Such clean and beautiful cityscapes.

Danny Xeero

Danny is your source for absolutely beautiful HDR photos from all over Asia &

Pawel Tomaszewicz

Pawel has so many beautiful coastal scenery’s from UK and a lot of other photos from Poland and other countries. &

Peter Talke

Peters work was a big inspiration to me when I started with HDR photography. His page also includes a great HDR tutorial. &

Jimmy Mcintyre

Best known for his HDR one magazine, but also one of the best HDR photographers himself. &

Girolamo Cracchiolo

I’m not sure if Girolamo lives next to a beautiful lake, because I can’t find any other way he can capture such stunning sunset without being there everyday :) &

Jim Nix

When I met Jim he said he travels only a little. But on his page you can find a lot of great photos from all over the world :) &

Klaus Herrmann

Also know as Farbspiel, is best know for all his beautiful vertoramas. And all are taken handheld!!! &

Daniel Cheong

The absolute master of digital blending and blue hour cityscapes. You can easily get lost with all the details in his photos :) & &

Wojciech Toman

It’s always best to get your information from the source. And since Wojciech is one of the programmers on Photomatix, you know his tutorials have the best information. &

Dave Morrow

For all of you who like beautiful astro-photography and gougers landscapes. &

Jonathan Danker

If you every wanted a reason to visit Singapore, just look at Jonathans photos :) &

Pedro Kin &

There are still more great photographers and I will update this list later on :)