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And the sky opened

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And the sky opened

Sometimes you get such an amazing sky. And after all the walking up to the Durnstein Castle, I really deserved a one. The walk is horrible. Up a steep hill and all the time up a rocky road. But I think this could be a great place to shoot a timelapse from, so maybe next year :)

This is HDR from 6 shots (I took a -3EV for the sun, but as you can see it was not enough) created in Oloneo Photoengine and finished in Photoshop.
And the sky opened

Today there is another process post for you. This time its a long exposure photo from Durnstein in Austria. I used the Hoya ND400 filter here, which made the water nice and smooth, giving so a beautiful reflection.

So to thet to this result
Illuminated by the Sun

I dit the following (layer numbered from bottom up)
1. -1EV exposure to start with
2. -2EV exposure to darken few parts of the buildings
3. +1EV exposure to brighten most of the photo
4. +2EV exposure to get detail in the darkest areas
5. color balance just on the darkest exposure, as the shadow areas were to blue and I wanted them more yellow
6. color balance on the whole photo, added more yellow to correct for the ND filter color cast
7. first Color efex pro contrast filter to pull out more detail in the photo
8. added sharpness with the high pass filter
9. second Pro contrast filter, as there was still a little color cast
10. third Pro constras filter, as I wanted to pull out the darks even more (I would probably be able to get all this in one use of Pro contrast, but like this I can mas all them differently)
11. darkened the brightest lights
12. the water got too green, so this color balance corected this
13. added more saturation to yellows to get more color in the hills
14. a little bit of motion blur on the foreground water, to give it a more smoother feel
15. noise reduction, but not on the hills
16. more saturation to the blue color to get better looking sky
17+18. added glow, to see what exactly it does, check out this guide
19. a bit of brightenss to the darkest parts of the photo
Continue to the full post to see the -1EV exposure from which I started my edit

Illuminated by the Sun

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I took this photo a short time before sunset, as the sun was just about to hide behind the mountains. The last rays of the sun gave a nice glow to the city and that’s what I was trying to capture here.

I had a “funny” experience while taking this photo. I was standing around one meter from Danube, totally focused on my camera and not looking that much on what was happening around me. I was almost alone on this small beach and the water was quite calm. So when a ship passed by, I took no notice and just continued to take photos. To my big surprise, the ship had a much bigger effect on the water than I thought, and when I finally noticed what was happening, I was already standing in a 40cm water. This wouldn’t normally be so bad, but I was in my trekking shoes and jeans and both were soaked immediately. One could call it a funny way to end a photography trip :)

This is a manual blend from 4 photos, all taken through a HOYA ND400 9stop ND filter. Photo taken across the Danube from Durnstein in Austria.
Illuminated by the Sun

Sun shines onto Durnstein

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There will be few more beautiful green landscapes now, as that’s what I took most photos in Austria. This is a view from another castle ruin (I visited three in those two days there), this one being the the Durnstein Castle. It gives you a very nice exercise to get up to it, but the view is worth it.

This is a manual blend from 8 shots. I actually took 12 here, two series of 6. One time for the scenery, and the second series with my hand in front of the sun, so I can remove all the lens flares the sun created. This photo was really not easy to edit :)
Sun shines onto Durnstein