I actually had the please to cruise on Danube one a ship very similar to this few years ago. It so great. You can just relax on the deck and watch the beautiful scenery pass by. Really a great experience.

So this photo is taken opposite Durnstein in Austria. Really one of the most beautiful views in the area. I tried a little different type of editing here, so this is not HDR, as all edits were done just using Photoshop and Color Efex. But as there was not such a huge dynamic range here, there was no need for HDR anyway :)

Cruising on the Danube

Technique: Photoshop edit, Number of exposures: 1, Camera Model: Canon EOS 5D mark II, Lens: Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS II, Focal length: 88mm, Aperture: 9, Middle exposure time: 1/250s, ISO: 100, Tripod used: no, Location: 48.394547, 15.515440