Photo usage

It was not a nice day today, as again I was forced to post a copyright claim with Facebook. A page (which I refuse to link to) again posted my photos. 11 of them this time. All with their own logo, without mentioning my name or saying that they are not the owners. And this is after I complained yesterday about them using one of my photos like this and Facebook already taking it down. Really not nice…

So just to reiterate. All my photos are shared under Creative Commons licence. That means you can: share my photo for any noncommercial purpose, as long as you mention that I’m the author of the photo and link back to this page but you can’tuse my photos for commercial purposes without acquiring a licence from me or modify my photos in any way (including your logo is a modification)

If you just post a photo to your personal account or use it as a cover on Facebook, and don’t mention me, that fine (it’s nicer if you do, but I will survive if you don’t :)). But adding a logo to them and pretending they are yours is a theft and will be handled accordingly.


A lot of Slovakia is covered by very beautiful mountains. And Lomnicky Peak is one of the highest ones here. Great that you can get up using a cable car :) It was fun to take photos there, as every time I set up for a shot, the wind came and blown in clouds into the shot. So I set up somewhere else the wind came again and I had to move again. And just waiting until it gets better was also not an option, as the entry is only for 50 minutes :)

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