Destination Prague

As usually each spring,  tomorrow I’m leaving for a few days trip to Prague. Prague is so beautiful and gives so many photo opportunities, that I like to return there quite often. So from next week, you can expect again new Prague photos on the blog :)

St Martin’s Church

There is a very nice balcony (I will call it balcony, as I don’t know how to call it :)), right next to this church. It a great place from where to take a photo of the church, it’s just to close to the church. And as the church is quite high, it wont fit into one photo, even if taken at 16mm. So in the end I created a vertorama. And due to how close I was, it created quite a lot of distortions, but due to way it was taken, you can’t really remove it. You would just destroy the photo.

This is manual blend from 10 photos. Taken by the Bullring in Birmingham, UK
St Martin's Church

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