I really advise against standing in the middle of the road. And if you really need to stand there, I advise to taking as smaller risk as possible. I took this shot really quickly and I was standing next to a well lit traffic sign, so I was quite visible. But seeing other people (I will not call them photographers….) standing almost inside the crossing in the dark, was unsettling. I think this is stupid. No photo is worth your life, and looking at the traffic there, I think it was mostly luck that there is no one killed there every day. But I also seen a lot of people running through the road to the arc, with an underpass just meters away, so it really looks like more people have a death wish.

Btw if you are there and want a photo like this, just do what I did, go to the opposing side (look at the map for the place). The other side was full of tourist and photographers. This side was completely empty with far less traffic :)

This is a manual blend from 5 shots, taken by the Arc De Triomphe in Paris
Traffic at the Arc De Triomphe

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