How to take more than three exposures

I posted this video quite some time ago, and then later added it also to the HDR tutorial, but I think it can be useful to some of you. In this video I show different ways you can get more than three exposures from your camera. I go through auto-bracketing, manual adjustments, magic lantern, the promote and more.

Traveling at the speed of light

For today I looked back at the beginning of 2013 and chosen a photo from London. This one was taken very early in the morning at the Westminster bridge. My plan was to get the bluered bus on a half of the photo, just on the right. But as it’s really hard to time a shot like this, especially if you do multiple exposures, I ended up with this.

This is manual blend from two exposure, but maybe 95% is just from one. I left the red of the bus quite saturated, as it creates a nice contrast with the darkens of the background.
Traveling at the speed of light

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