Radian time-lapse device

Some time ago, I posted about the Radian tile-lapse device, and at that time, it was not available for order. More people asked me where one can get one, and until now it was kind of hard. But just recently the things changed, and one can now order Radian right from the manufacturers page. You can find more about it in my review, or order it on the Alpine Labs page here.

Windy evening over Hainburg

I did a little photo-shooting on Tuesday, at this really nice place above Hainburg in Austria. The weather was not the best, but since it’s the middle of Octorber, that not so surprising. But as the low clouds and the fog low on the horizon reflected a lot of color from the city, it looked quite interesting anyway. Still the photo got a little noisier than I like, but as it was windy, I had to use a higher ISO to try and avoid camera shake.

This is a HDR from 4 exposures, created in Oloneo Photoengine, finished in Photoshop.
Windy evening over Hainburg

Technique: Oloneo Photoengine
Number of exposures: 4, Camera Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Lens: Canon 16-35mm F2.8
Focal length: 16mm, Aperture: 4, Middle exposure time: 8s, ISO: 400, Tripod used: yes

[map z=”18″ hidecontrols=”true” marker=”yes” w=”100%” h=”150″ maptype=”SATELLITE” lat=”48.153407″ lon=”16.952711″]