As it is snowing like crazy in Bratislava today, I decided to show you how I edited one of my recent snowy photos :) So let’s take a look at it.

Hviezdoslav in the snowFinished photo
Hviezdoslav in the snowOriginal exposure

As you can see from the original photo, I had a lot to correct. I started with Lightroom, where I changed the white balance, opened the shadows, brightened the whites, added a lot of contrast and clarity to recover detail. From there I exported the image in Photoshop and did the following edits (layers numbered from bottom up):
1. Lightrom edit
2. Removed noise as I didn’t wanted to make it more visible in further edits
3. Color effex tonal contrast to get more detail, but brushed it out on the statue as that made it too dark.
4. Retouched out one huge snowflake in the left area of the photo, it just bothered me there :)
5. Color effex detail extractor, to get more detail and texture in the statue.
6. Stronger noise reduction on the statue.
7. Levels to get more pure white areas in the photo.
8. Color effex tonal contrast once more on the sky, to make the snowflakes even more visible
9. Added more overall contrast.
10. Desaturated the banners in the background.
11. Added more saturation to the text, to make it more dominant.

Hviezdoslav in the snowLightroom tweaks
Hviezdoslav in the snowPhotoshop edit

And that’s all I did with this image. To find out more on how I edit, check out the guides and before after categories on this blog, or check out my video tutorial series here: