I really like making these crazy detailed huge photos. To bad they never look as great once downsized. The do look great on a nice huge screen, as seen on the photo on the side. Same with this panorama from Paris. Here you can see the Louvre, as viewed with along lens form the top of the Tour Montparnasse. But as I said, it looks better bigger, you can get a 3440×1440 version here (perfectly sized for a wallpaper for a 34 inch 21:9 screen). On that one you can see the detail much better.

This is a two shot panorama, merged in Lightroom, than finished in Photoshop.

The Louvre

Technique: Photoshop edit, Number of exposures: 2×1, Camera Model: Sony a7R + Metabones MkIII Adapter, Lens: Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS II, Focal length: 145mm, Aperture: 8, Exposure time: 6.0s, ISO: 200, Tripod used: yes, Location: 48.842261, 2.321754