Let’s look together on how I edited one of my recent photos. This time it’s this panorama of the Bratislava castle. So let’s go :)

This photo was a 4 shot panorama. I took all the shots with the help of the 17mm tilt shift lens, where I first leveled the camera, took a shot, that shifted to left and right and took another two shots, and then rotated the lens and shifted up to get the last shot.

From there I loaded all the photos into Lightroom and used the build in Photomerge function to get the panorama. I of course had to turn of Auto crop, as that would remove most of it.

It did leave the corners empty, but since those should be just the blue sky, I can correct that easily in Photoshop later. I continued by opening the shadows a bit and darkening the highlights. I also removed chromatic aberrations and played around with the perspective distortion. Lastly I cropped the photo, to have less of the foreground.

From there I continued in Photoshop. I had no need to many edits, so all I did was (layers numbered from bottom up)
1. the source from Lightroom.
2. a copy on which I cleaned the dust spots, filled in the missing sky using Content aware fill (it did not create a perfect transition, so I used the Patch tool to correct harsh transitions) and I corrected the perspective a bit more
3. added light overall contrast
4. added overall saturation, mostly to boost the color of the sky
5. noise reduction, except on the sky, to avoid color banding
6. ended up with making the castle shine a bit more with overall brightness

And that’s all I did with this photo, check out the Process category, to see all other process posts I posted on the blog before.