The moment I saw the Intells hotels hotel in Zaandam, and that it had a pool next to it, I knew I wanted a full reflection of the hotel. That was of course easier said than done, as the pool is right next to it, and the hotel is quite tall. Since I had the tilt shift lens, my first try was to just do a 3 shot vertorama, but that was just not enough. I either had a big perspective distortion and no reflection, or I cut off the top and bottom of the hotel.

As I could not move back, further away, I tried to experiment, and in the end I wend with a combination of two vertoramas. First I made a perfectly leveled tilt shift vertorama from three shots. Then I shiftet to the topmost position, tilted the camera up and took a shot. Shifted again to the bottom most position and tilted the camera down and took a shot again.

So I ended with 5 photos. Fist I combined the first three ones into a vertorama, as there was just a shift and that is easy to do. Then I combined the result with the other two shots as a spherical vertorama, and after a bit of tweaking, this is the result I got :) Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop, final photo is 103Mpix big.