New translations

I’m trying a bit of a experiment this year. For the most popular pages on the blog, which are currently the Top spots pages, I’m adding a Japanese translation (with a big help from my friends :)). I’m curious to see if this gets a good response, and more people will find the lists helpful. If it works out as I hope, I plan to add more languages, and expand the translations to other parts of the blog, like the HDR tutorial and similar.

For now, first 4 lists are available in Japanese, that is Paris, Dubai, Cesky Krumlov and Amsterdam. Others coming soon. All can be found here トップ写真スポット.

Night in Prague

This is another one of my older shots (I went through few recently :)), this one taken also around two years ago in Prague. This one is from the top of the Petrin tower.That evening I had luck. Usually, the tower is quite full, and using a tripod is not really allowed. But that evening, there was only me, a small group from Asia, and a very nice guide. And as I wanted photos, and they wanted photos, and there is only a small window open that points towards the city center, we changed places the whole time. I took a photo, they took a photo, I took a photo, they took a photo :) It worked out great.

This is a blend of two exposures, one for the base, second one to darken the bright areas.