Trying out Plotagraph Pro

For the last few days I have been experimenting with the Plotagraph Pro. I wanted to try it earlier, but I did not want to pay for a full year without trying it out first. And since they introduced a monthly plan recently, I thought I will give it a try.

I have to say, I’m enjoying it quite a lot. It’s quite fun to add a bit of movement to a photo. It makes it look quite mesmerizing in a way. I already edited quite a few, and I still want to try it on more photos, so I will share with you some in the following days and weeks.

Please note, I’m sharing the plotagraphs as looping mp4 videos, not as gifs. The reason is that I can get a much smaller file (10-20 times smaller) and of a comparable or higher quality with MP4 than with a GIF. So if you are on mobile, or are using an older browser, it may be that you will see a static image, instead of the motion. I’m looking into how to make it work on all browsers, but have not found a way yet.

Moving pink sunset

This is the fist ploatagraph I was happy with. The subject really lends it self for a bit of motion. The movement in the sky and the reflection in the puddle really pull you into the photo. I tried to leave it quite subtle, so it looks still quite realistic, even with a bit faster movement that there would be. I do hope you like it :)

Also for those curious, this is a 10 second video, 5times 2 second loop, with a resolution of 1200×798. And it is only 600kb big :)