Two lives

Sometimes I feel like I live two lives. I spend the last few days in front of my computer and Photoshop, and in few days I will be running around and taking photos somewhere in Netherlands. This are just such extremes in comparison. Like switching between two different lives :) When I had an office job before, it was much less eventful and calmer. But I don’t think I would like to go back to that.

Sunlit view of Spitz

I went quite light on editing on today’s photos. I try and try to move more towards more realistic and less destructive editing, and maybe one day I will be get there. So for this photo taken from the top of the castle ruins in Spitz, Austria, I just played with brightness and contrast of different areas, until I got what I wanted. After that I just needed to de-saturate the greens a bit, as they were, and still a bit are, very colorful. But I think that is fine for a midday shot taken in the middle of summer :)

This is a blend of two exposures, one for the base, and one to get some detail in the deep shadows.

Sunlit view of Spitz
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