Visiting Keukenhof

If you are in Netherlands in early spring, you should definitively visit Keukenhof park. It’s just so full of tulips. I almost visited it a week ago, but than had to skip it. But I will maybe get back soon :) And don’t also forget to check other photos spots I recommend around Amsterdam :)

The colors of Keukenhof

This is quite an untypical photo from me, but I wanted to bring a bit more color to the page :) Also, this was taken one very sunny day, so I’m not completely happy with it, as there are quite a few highlights here. And you can’t do that much with them, as darkening them looks just strange.

I took this photo about two years ago, in the Keukenhof park, at that time still with the Canon 5D mark II. So maybe a bit more dynamic range would help here. But I will see if that helps when I get back with the 5D mark IV.

The colors of Keukenhof
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