Daytime photos

I am never sure with the daytime photos. I got so used to only take photos at sunset and blue hour, that daytime photos feel strange to me. I never can get them exactly as I imagine them. But I have to try and get to where I’m comfortable with them. So you may see more daytime shots in the future.

At the Skywalk Hohe Wand in Austria

Today I took a bit of a break from Photoshop and visited the Skywalk Hohe Want in Austria. This is a walkway going out from a mountain side. It gives a nice view of the valley, but it really is not a place for people that are afraid of heights. Luckily, I am not, so I could enjoy the view :). I just could not place my tripod firmly on it, as the ground was a steel mesh, and the tripod legs would fall through it.

So this photo is not directly from the skywalk, but from the side of it. You can see the skywalk on the left. And you can also see a paraglider on the right here. There were so many of them, just flying around. Could be fun, but definitively not for me :)

This is a two shot panorama, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

At the Skywalk Hohe Wand in Austria
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