Yesterday’s photo

You may have noticed that the photo I posted yesterday changed for a bigger one few hours after I posted it. The reason is simple. I noticed only after I posted it, that it was a 3 shot vertorama, not a 2 shot one. So I went back and reedited the whole photo, to complete it. It felt strange before, as the composition was a bit of to what I remembered, and that was the problem :)

Early morning drivers in Paris

You may wonder why this time I only took photos with the Eiffel tower in Paris. And the reason is simple. I was staying on a cruise ship there, and as I had only a little time while in Paris, I only took photos close to the ship. And the most interesting thing in this area is of course the Eiffel tower :)

I took this shot early in the morning, right after they turned out the street lights. I really like how the contrast between the bright red lights of the passing cars worked out against the cold blue colors of the city. This is a single exposure, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Early morning drivers in Paris