Destination Switzerland

And it’s time to leave for another work trip again. This time I will be somewhere between Switzerland, Germany and maybe even France. So while I will be running around taking photos, there will be no updates here. But I will be back in a week or so. Can’t really tell yet :)

Night lights in the city

It’s funny to look at my older night photos. I tended to brighten all the dark areas so much, that it did not even look like a night photo. For some reason I was afraid to leave a black area in a photo. It probably because of the tendency of exposing everything for HDR. After some time I understood that photos can have dark and bright areas and it even helps them, to look better. Not everything has to be perfectly exposed all the time.

This photo is a blend of 4 exposures, one for the base, two to darken the strong lights on the bridge, one to brighten the overall photo a bit.

Night lights in the city
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