So many hours spend listening to Audible

I mentioned before that I love to listen to audiobooks while I take photos (and not just then). And I just had a look on how many hours I actually spend listening to them. And according to the app, I have spend over 1 month of listening time in the last year. That’s around 2 hours for every single day.

It just so great to be able to read books even when I don’t have time to do so. Just finished the new one from Dan Brown, Origins, recently and right now getting through Paradox Bound from Peter Clines (I really like books with time travel :)).

How about you? Do you use audible, and what great book have you listened to recently?

Morning fog over Lesnica

There has been quite a lot of fog recently, and here is a shot I took about a week ago over the village Lesnica in eastern Slovakia. The weather did not look that promising, and also the sun rose right on the other side. But when it got over the hill, and the light poured down into this valley, it looked quite nice.

This is a 4 shot panorama. I did HDR bracketing, but did not use it. Combined and edited in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop. As again, this is a huge panorama, I have included few detail shots to go with it, to show you how it looks up close.

Morning fog over Lesnica Slovakia

And here are few details:

Morning fog over Lesnica Slovakia