Spark remote from Alpine Labs

So my streak of selecting only Kickstarter projects that deliver continues, as I just recieved a product from another one of them. This time it’s the Spark from Alpine labs. You may know Alpine Labs as the creators of Radian, the timelapse rotating motor.

The Spark remote is a camera remote that can work in three modes. It either works like a classic wired remote when connected to the camera, as a IR remote, or as bluetooth remote conected to a phone. There you can use the provided app to take photos, long exposure, HDR bracketing, timelapses and more.
Spark remote from Alpine Labs
For now, I only tested it if all worked and I had no issues. All paired easy and all that I tried worked. I will be using it when I go and take photos in the next weeks, so I will also probably post a review of it.

For now, you can see more about it on the Kickstarter site of Alpine Labs here.

Endless traffic in Dubain – Plotagraph

I knew I want to animate this photo from the first moment I tried Plotagraph. I just wanted to make it more like what I seen. There was just endless traffic how far you could see. So I tried to edit it before, but I did not like the result. So it was standing there in the library for a few months now, and only yesterday, I finished it. I think it was also due to the updated Plotagraph had this year, that I was able to get it to a point I liked it.

So what I did here? I masked out the traffic on all a lanes, than stabilized the middle part, so that does not move, and then animated the traffic. And to make it even more better, I masked out some of the reflection in the skyscrapers, and animated those too :) Now all it misses is the sound of the traffic, but you can imagine that yourself :)

(if you are on a mobile or use an older web browser, you may only see a static image)

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