Color profile craziness

As I reinstalled my PC recently, I though I will recalibrate my screen. And of course immediately I started having problem with inconsistent color between Photoshop and everywhere else. This thing can drive a person crazy. So now, I had to delete everything, and will start tomorrow from the start again. What fun :/

Into the Sunrise in Amsterdam

So as mentioned, I have no idea how the colors in this photo will look like in your browser. I hope at least a bit like I want them to.

I took this photo in December, while I was on a ship in Amsterdam. In the morning I noticed the sun from the lounge window, so I ran up on the deck to grab few photos.

This is a two shot panorama. I then used another 4 shots to darken the sun. I left the overall photo a bit darker, to bring more attention to the sun overall. Combined and edited in Photoshop. I could not combine in Lightroom, as for some reason I used different focal lengths for each side, so Lightroom would not combine them into a panorama.

Into the Sunrise in Amsterdam