Palm Jumeirah at night

Today’t photo includes the whole Palm Jumeirah. I wanted it whole, but I did not plan for it to be this wide, but it’s to late to retake it :). So I’m stuck with this view.

Palm Jumeirah is a huge structure, so it’s quite hard to get it all, and still get a nice detail. So for this one, I did a 5 shot panorama, each shot from 3 exposures. The result is so big, that Photoshop refused to save it as a JPG at full size :) I ended up with a 5.5GB PSB file and a final resolution of 130Mpix (25500×5000 pixels)

But this also makes it hard to display it properly here. So since the standard size is just too small, here you can see a much bigger resolution (please right click the link and choose open in new tab to see it full size) and I’m also including some detail shots here. Probably, later on I will make a zoomable panorama from it, as the ones that are available here.

Palm Jumeirah at night, Dubai, UAE

And here are few details:

Palm Jumeirah at night, Dubai, UAE