Updates to the Top photography spots in Dubai

Dubai changes so much. While all other Top photography pages on this blog are still relevant, the Dubai one is out of date. And since I visited most of the spots during my last trip, I started with an update. It is already partially done, but I need to edit few more photos from other spots, to finish it. Still, its more factual right now, than it was yesterday :) Check it out here: Top photography spots Dubai.

Looking down in the JLT

I don’t usually carry the fish eye lens with me. It’s great when I need to do a 360 degree photo, but not for much else. But since I had it with me the evening I was in the JLT area in Dubai. So of course I took few photos with it :)

This is a two shot blend done in Photoshop.

Looking down in the JLT, Dubai, UAE