Phone setup

My phone setup Android, Windows phone, IphoneMy friends think it’s funny how I setup my phone, so let’s see what you think of it.

I use and Android phone, with the user interface from the Windows Phone, with the gesture navigation similar to the Iphone X. In a way you can say I use the best things from every system I can :). It also means, that most people would not be able to navigate around my phone at all, but that is nothing new for me.

For those curious, this is the Mi Mix 2, running the Launcher 10 launcher, and the gesture navigation is a new feature in the latest builds of MIUI. The wallpaper used can be found in yesterdays post.

What do you use? Are you as crazy as me with tweaking your phone to suit your needs and style perfectly? Or just sticking with the default setup?

Light glow over Dubai

The light pollution in Dubai is really strong. There are just too many light always on in the city, that the whole city glows into the sky. Especially if you go a bit further, you can see it quite clearly.

Same in this shot, taken from Palm Jumeirah. The light glow is all over it. And while I was taking this photo, a ship passed by, creating this quite nice light trails. First I did not like it, but looking again at the photo, I kind of do. It made it different from other photos I took that evening.

This photo is a single exposure, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. You may notice there is still a lot of noise in the sky, but that can’t be removed without introducing color banding (more about that here in the article about dealing with color banding). One can’t correct everything all the time.

Light glow over Dubai, Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE