Top photography spots in Budapest updated

I continue to update the look of the blog right now, and part of it, is also to reformat all the Top photography spots pages. And while I was doing that with the Top photography spots in Budapest page, I noticed that it’s probably time to update the page as a whole. So that’s what I did.

Now, if you check it out, it does not only look different, but the number of spots almost tripled, there are new photos and new description. And as always, each spot has a GPS location with a link directly to google maps.

Let me know what you think of the update :) The direct link to the Top Photography Spots in Budapest here.

I already got questions if I plan to do a list like that for Cinque Terre, and the answer is yes. I started working on the list, but while I already chosen the spots I will share with you, I have not yet edited all the photo I need for it. But I’m working on them, so the list should be up shortly :)

Amsterdam Panorama

As Amsterdam is quite flat, I really like to do panoramas there. It just gives such a nice sense of the city if you do it. So for today, I have for you another Amsterdam Panorama. This one is taken very close to one of my suggested photo spots in Amsterdam (the second one). It’s only a shot walk from the train station, so it’s quite easy to get here by foot. There are always some people, bikes, cars and boats passing by, but that’s the same everywhere in Amsterdam :)

This is a two shot panorama combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop. I took this already more than a year ago, so it’s one of the shots taken with the Sony a7r.

Amsterdam Panorama

And here are few details:

Amsterdam Panorama