I’m back

And I’m back after the week spend in Astana in Kazakhstan. I made new friends, met with old ones, visited many spots and got rained on a lot :) I got also a lot of photos, but can’t share them with you yet. But will do so at a later date.

Evening in the Dubai Marina

For today, here is a photo of the Dubai Marina as seen from Palm Jumeirah. This view is just so cool. I have many photos of it, but I don’t mind having more. You can see some blurred ships in there, as they were creating a new island there, and working on it the whole night.

This is from one of my recommended spots in Dubai, and you can see the whole list here.

This is a blend of two exposures, created in Photoshop. I usually push the Dubai Marina photos more into blue/colder colors, but this time I though of just making it warmer. And I think it looks quite alright.

Evening in the Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE