Gaming list

I shared with you a reading list so how about a gaming list today :) What games am I currently playing?

I play most games on the Xbox One or the PS4. I very rarely anymore play on the PC (that’s just for work :)), and I never play on mobile. Just don’t like it. Actually I almost always play for about 20-30 minutes, as little breaks between other stuff, mostly work. There used to be times when I could play for hours and hours in a row, but that’s long time ago :) And I never ever play multiplayer. I just don’t like when a game can’t be finished.

So recently, since I never had a PS3, I have been getting through all the remasters on the PS4. Beyond two Souls, Last of US and God of War III recently. I now started Gravity Rush and then still have the Shadow of the Colossus.

On the Xbox, I just finished the second South Park game, and I’m currently playing Catherine, Back to the Future The game and finally want to finish Rise Son of Rome.

I really like to finish all the games I play, and usually when I start one, I play it till it’s done :)

What are you playing this week?

The red lights of the Moulin Rouge

This one is a bit older photo. I took it in 2015 while in Paris. Right after I got back from there, I did tried to edit it, but I just did not like the result. But as time goes, one learns more editing, I tried it again last night. And I got a result I liked withing minutes.

It’s of course the Mouling Rouge, and while I tried to have less people in the shot, it was just too busy that evening. This is a two exposure blend, one for the base another one used to darken the few highlights. Edited in Lightroom finished in Photoshop.

The red lights of the Moulin Rouge, Paris, France
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