My Gear

I just check out my My Gear page and wow is it out of date. Another one to go on a list of stuff that one needs to be updates. And if you wonder what my most used combination it’s the Canon 5D mark IV with the Canon TS 17mm f4 lens. It’s like the perfect combination for architecture shots. Just not that great when it rains :)

Morning fog

I would love to have more fog shots, but usually am in the fog, not above it. For instance, in Bratislava there is a lot of fog in the spring or autumn, but there is no accessible spot to get over it. But it’s sometimes easier in the mountains.

Today’s photo is one of those, taken at the eastern side of High Tatras. Taken right before sunrise.

This is a three shots panorama, combined in Lighroom, edited in Photoshop.

And here are few details:

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