Very hot weather

It’s been so hot recently. Every day I look at the forecast, that shows rain, and every day there is none. Would take few days of cold right now. Is it just me or do you all get tired and lethargic from this heat? Not in the mood to do anything at all. Just borrowed a infrared filter, thought about going to the botanical garden to get some cool shots, but so not in the mood right now. Hope it changes soon.

Sunset at the lighthouse

No panorama today. But I do regret a bit not taking one the day I took this photo. The sunset was just so perfect. This is the only lighthouse in Central Europe, at the Neusidlersee in Podersdofr in Austria. Really a nice place to visit, but not really in summer, as the number of people being there is just too big.

This is a blend of three exposures, done in Photoshop.

Sunset at the lighthouse, Podersdorf, Austria