Week of Astana

Some time ago I posted about my trip to Astana in Kazakhstan. And there I mentioned that I took many photos, but I was not able to share them with you yet. And from today, I can already share them, so I will :) So this week, all the photos I will share are ones from Astana. But as I have quite a lot of them, there will be even more over the coming weeks, but will mix in others from other places in between. Let’s start with one of the Expo 2017 sphere building today.

Expo 2017 Sphere building in Astana

So let’s start with probably the coolest building in Astana. This is the sphere building that was build for the Expo 2017 exhibition that was in Astana last year. It just looks stunning. There are lights on the outside. There are lights on the inside. And there is a huge light pointing up (which you will see in one of the upcoming photos). All animates, all changes, all shows messages on the sphere. It all just looks great once the sun goes down and it gets a bit darker.

I spend few hours in the area and while it was raining most of the time, I did get some nice photos. Here is the first one for you.

This is a single exposure, with a second exposure used to remove the lens flare from the strong light on the right (you can learn how to do that here). Normally I would do few more exposures to get rid of the very strong light reflection on the right, but it was not possible here. I used the Laowa 12mm lens to take this shot, and while it’s a great lens, it’s not weather sealed. And it stopped raining only for minutes. In that condition, I just wanted to take as many photos I could before it rained again, which it did very quickly afterwards.

Expo 2017 Sphere building in Astana, Kazakhstan
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